Occupational Therapy

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Occupational Therapy – Adults

Occupational therapists work with adults and their families and carers to facilitate healthy living and to keep people independent in their own home.

The service can:

  • provide support on managing conditions that can affect everyday activities like memory
  • assess safety and independence for the home and advise on changes to make life easier

The service provides support and education on managing neurological and other conditions like stroke, multiple scelerosis and Parkinson’s Disease.

You can also get advice on seating, including preventing and managing pressure sores (bed sores).

Contact phone number:

021 492 3194

Where is this service located?

It is located on the second floor of the centre.

How do I get referred to this service?

Your local GP (doctor) and any healthcare professional can refer your child to this service.

Occupational Therapy – Children

This service is provided to children living in the local area who are experiencing functional difficulties in their everyday lives.

The service helps children and young people to be as independent as possible in doing everyday activities such as dressing, using the toilet, holding a spoon and learning how to hold a pencil.

Occupational therapists may work with children to:

  • develop the small movements of their hands and fingers that help them to open and close a button or pick up a pencil
  • develop larger movements and coordination of arms and legs to do things like catch a ball, balance on one leg.
  • develop play skills including imaginary games and solving problems

Contact phone number:

021 492 7850

Where is this service located?

This service is on the second floor of the centre.

How do I get referred to this service?

Please ring the Occupational Therapy Service on the number above. The service will send you a referral form which you will need to fill in and send back.

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